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Legendary Golf Instruction

Greg W., one of Legendary Golf's hardest working students who had a chance to visit with "The Hawk" years ago, had this to say.
"Tom, Page 30 changed my life.  I went out  and had the best ball striking round of my life.
Thank you, truly, I  would kiss you if you were here."
Hi Tom:
I have read your book, The Secret of Hogan's Swing, which was very informative. .  I have also bought your Workbook, Practice Club and the Legendary Golf Series 1, with Unlimited Download.  I have been practicing using all of your training items and I am very excited about the progress that I am making.    I have tried other golf systems and yours is the bestby far.  Thanks for creating so many great golf instructional\training products.   
Regards.Paul B.Chatham NJ

​I just saw your "Tube" on the left elbow and got so excited that I ordered the two series of dvd's.  NICE WORK. I got into single plane swinging after meeting Moe Norman when I was a Natural Golf Instructor, but I never liked that extended arms approach, nor did I think they had the release where it should be.  Your work has me drooling on my shirt.  So well done.   I've been frustrated in not being able to get a copy of John's Maximum Golf, but now with my illumination of your works I feel gratified to finally having stumbled onto it in another fashion: Hogan to Schlee to Bertrand to the rest of us. I'm too busy as the solo pro at our course to attend your schools, but I will relish getting your dvd instruction.Best regards for continued success.
Dr. Ken StaviskyHead Teaching ProWest Bolton Golf CourseJericho, VT. 05465

May I first say, thank you for your diligence in saving, what is in my opinion, the greatest lost secret in golfing history. May your god Bless you, John Schlee, and the others for capturing in essence, the final part of the most magical golf swing ever discovered and developed.Let me say that your book, John Schlee's enthusiasm, and Hogan's pies-de-resisance is far too valuable an opportunity for a golfing aficionado to pass up.May the golfing God's continue to smile upon you.Laen D. Great BritainYour book "The Secret of Hogan's Swing" is a masterpiece and a classic... I think you explain Hogan's swing better than Five Lessons does. Well done, a classic in it's field.
Jack C. Willoughby, OH

I recently read your book "The Secret of Hogan's Swing" and thought it was one of the best books I've ever read.  I am 65 years old and grew up in Memphis, TN. I went to MemphisState when John Schlee was on the golf team there. I played with John numerous times but lost contact with him after school. This book means so much to me after knowing John. Again, thanks for a great book and good memories of John.
David S. Meridian, MS

Just read your book - fantastic! Both story and insights on the swing.Fredrik T. Copenhagen, DenmarkI just finished your book. What a powerful story about John. I lost my grandmother to ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). I can really appreciate what you went through.
Scott P. Memphis, TN

Thanks for providing us with a book that links Hogan's five fundamentals with the additional ingredients required to make this swing work. Without your book it would have been impossible to make the connections. Now, with your book I have been able to achieve things I had never achieved before in years of playing golf. Thanks for everything.
Joseph V. San Diego, CA

Tom, you are a genius! I've read or scanned through over a hundred golf books over the past few years. After reading your book, I finally got it. for me it was simply ------ learn to hit with a very weak left handed grip. I came to realize this can only be done by .... yes, rotating your wrists (a technique I have never considered before-aka pronation and supination). And Tom that was all it took. The feeling I had after I hit a few balls this way was unbelievable. I will never read another book.
Thank you.Dave P.  Ocean City, NJ 

​By chance I picked up "The Secret of Hogan's Swing" at a local bookstore here (I am now working and living in Bangkok, Thailand). I must say it is one of the bes written on Hogan mechanics!
Kirk B. Bangkok, Thailand

​I spent the Winter doing exercises and paying close attention to your swing phases presented in the book. Yesterday was the first day here to get out to the range. I was astonished... I had regained a great deal of power and distance. Most importantly, I could feel the difference in how I swung the club...The practice in slow motion helped isolate/indentify motions/positions. The recommendation on the abbreviated swing, but with the complete follow through is very apt. I wanted to give you feedback on how pleased I am with your book and course. 
Thanks. Dick B. Evanston, IL 

​I just finished reading your book about John Schlee and Mr. Hogan. I am moved to write you and thank you for what must have been years of study and thought. Great job all around. It is so refreshing to hear about Mr. Hogan and letting us know as much about the man and his swing as we can possibly know. My only regret in life was that I never got to see Mr. Hogan hit a golf ball. Reading and listening to words written about the man are always welcome and hopefully will never let us forget what e has meant to the game. Again my most sincere thanks for the book and all the work you put into this project. It is greatly appreciated. 
Hope to meet you someday. Chris S. McKinney, TX

​Thank you for an excellent book and for the excellent instruction. Thankyou for the opportunity to learn from you, Mr. Hogan and Mr. Schlee.
Wishing you every success,
David I. Atlanta, GA

​Received your book today and just finished it. I have read most of the books that speak of Hogan's swing. Most recently "Afternoons with Mr. Hogan". Yours has by far the best grouping of Mr. Hogan's moves and how to put them into practice. I am looking forward to starting the drills.
​Andy H. Tacoma, WA
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