Arm-Lock Chipping

""Like finding the Rosetta stone of golf. . . . It's the Hogan book Hogan himself never wrote, packed with the insights the great champion passed on to John Schlee (in a fascinating mentor-disciple relationship) and that Schlee, in turn, bequeathed to Tom Bertrand...thank goodness we've got Tom Bertrand to preserve the nuggets of pure golfing gold that the Master dug up 'out of the dirt' of ten thousand practice tees and a thousand tournaments.

A must-read for every serious student of the game.""

--Steven Pressfield, author of The Legend of Bagger Vance

Who is Tom Bertrand?

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Now there is Arm-Lock Putting...Why not Arm-Lock Chipping

What is more devastating and embarrassing than hitting a chip shot fat...better known as laying the sod over the ball or a chili-dip?

Tom Bertrand teaches the Maximum Golf short game, developed by John Schlee in the 1980's, preaching to use the grip of the club as a brace inside the lead arm for both putting and chipping.

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He is a best selling author, speaker, golf teacher-instructor and one of the world's top experts on Ben Hogan fundamentals and principles. He has helped thousands understand the teachings of a man well ahead of his time.

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Hi, I'm Tom Bertrand. I'm committed to teaching Ben Hogan's Fundamentals. My only question is... are you in?

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Legendary Golf Instruction

For golf geeks, the matter of Ben Hogan's "secret" has been a tantalizing mystery for more than 50 years. Did Hogan--perhaps the game's greatest shotmaker--really figure out the secret to the golf swing, and if so, what the heck is it? There have been many secret-finders over the years: Hogan himself revealed part of it in his classic Five Lessons (1957); then, more recently, Jody Vasquez, in Afternoons with Mr. Hogan (2004), divulged that, when he was shagging balls for the master in the 1960s, Hogan spilled all the beans: it's about the right knee and the left wrist. Yes, says Bertrand, who worked for years with Hogan protege John Schlee, knees and wrists play roles, but Hogan withheld the "missing link." Schlee knew it, though, and before succumbing to Alzheimer's, he passed it on to Bertrand: it's what the left elbow does on the downswing. Non-golfers will find this whole business incredibly silly, but the rest of us will be excused for looking at our left elbows with newfound respect. If you read golf instructionals, this one is a must. 

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