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*Legendary Golf Series I

*Legendary Golf Series II

*Legendary Golf Color Workbook
*Legendary Golf Drills & Exercises
*6 months of Hogan's Alley
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The Legendary Golf Workbook Download
This follow-up composition to "The Secret of Hogan's Swing" is a one-of-a-kind workbook filled with ways to develop feel and understanding for your golf swing.
* Learn valuable warmup exercises.
* Build a golf swing with our 2-week in-home practice program.
* Learn to incorporate Hogan's attitude on the practice tee.
* The Mini-Golf Swing: Learn how to progress using a short swing first.
* The Half-Swing: What to look for when you are increasing your coil in the backswing.
* Taking Your Game to the Course: Learn how to take your game from the practice tee to the golf course.
*Learn valuable warm-up exercises. Only $19.95

Legendary Golf Drills and Exercises Download
*Learn valuable warm-up exercises.
*Learn to stretch your golf muscles properly.
*Learn drills to master with the "Practice Club"*Learn drills to use with the standard golf club* Most importantly...Develop feel and understanding of your golf swing through step-by-step slow swing motions.  Only $27.95
Legendary Golf - The Short Game Download
Join Tom Bertrand as he explores chipping, pitching, and the influence Bobby Locke had on John Schlee's putting in John Schlee's book and video Maximum Golf. Tom will show you how to develop a consistent short game using the big muscles in the shouders and the back and the 'legal brace' that helped John become one of the most accurate putters in the 60's and 70's. Only $29.95
Legendary Golf Series II Download Video
Legendary Golf Series II details 5 segments: The Backswing Phases, The Downswing Phases, The Followthrough, The Right Elbow, and Legendary Golf vs. The Stack and Tilt. Buy for only $20.95
Legendary Golf Series I Download Video
Legendary Golf Series I details all 10 segments: The Grip,, How to Lay Off the Club, The Missing Link, Palm Up-Palm Down, Angle of the Right Leg, Hogan's Twist, The Arms, Spin vs Slide, John Schlee's Impact Address Position, and Ben Hogan's 5 Lessons. Buy for only $29.95

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