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  John Schlee spent 5 years with Mr. Hogan from 1969-74 and Mr. Hogan showed him everything he was working on, in the golf swing, after he wrote "The Modern Fundamentals of Golf" in 1955.
I, Tom Bertrand, spent 7 years with Mr. Schlee and Mr. Schlee taught me everything Mr. Hogan taught him.
Hogan didn't want to share his knowledge...
John couldn't share the knowledge while Mr. Hogan was alive...
I am now ready to share that knowledge...

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Greg W., one of Legendary Golf's hardest working students who had a chance to visit with "The Hawk" years ago, had this to say.
"Tom, Page 30 changed my life.  I went out  and had the best ball striking round of my life.
Thank you, truly, I  would kiss you if you were here."

Editorial Reviews:
"If you read golf instructionals, this one is a must."
--Bill Ott - Booklist

"Like finding the Rosetta Stone of golf... Tom Bertrand and Printer Bowler's The Secret of Hogan's Swing gives us a pipeline to the Master's wisdom that we thought had been lost forever...
A must-read for every serious student of the game."
--Steven Pressfield, author of
The Legend of Bagger Vance

"The Secret to Hogan’s Swing
goes beyond pure instruction, offering insightful shot-making and strategy tips passed on to former tour pro John Schlee from Ben Hogan and interpreted wonderfully by Tom Bertrand and Printer Bowler."
--John Andrisani, author of Tiger’s New Swing and Heaven Can Wait

"The question up for grabs is whether Bertrand's book is better than the original by Hogan, Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, or any of the others that have attempted to recapture his essence..."
--Steven Silkunas - Library Journal


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Book Description:


Hogan spent most of his early years trying to tame his notorious hook, but in the process he invented and refined the most effective, repeatable swing in the history of golf. For decades, professional golfers, instructors, analysts, sports writers, and fans around the world tried in vain to decipher the secret of Hogan’s swing and the unprecedented success that it produced. Told in half fable and half instructional style, this book finally reveals the secret of his swing.

What is Hogan's secret?

It is all revealed in the "Legendary Golf System" - a finely orchestrated system of slow swing movements which you'll use to correctly position your hands, arms, elbows, hips and knees. Instructions, practice exercises, and tips for a range of handicaps will show you how you can finally cure your slice or hook. What makes this book especially fun is the fable-like aspect of the secrets being passed from mentor to student. Hogan, who famously hated to give lessons, took John Schlee under his wing. During the early 70s, Hogan shared insights and techniques with Schlee while they played and talked golf. Schlee understood that everything that passed between them would be kept in strict confidence - and he used this knowledge as raw material to develop and refine his own golf game.

During Hogan's lifetime he never publicly revealed anything. Schlee then left to Bertrand the task of making sure that the revelations he had kept under cover would be chronicled in this book. This book shares the conversations, the experiences, and the knowledge of Hogan's secret, including "the missing link" - never before available to golfers.